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Yo !

You are on the web site of the TsaBros !

This site gathers information about the Sony Clie, and more precisely on how to program it. This device features a lot of inovation. We spent a long time understanding the basis of it, we now want to share what we learned and help people developing great applications. Please share what you learned by your side, participate to the forum. You can as wells send us articles and "how-to"s.

Contact us via our email:
TsaBros is a french team : don't hesitate to write us in french


2003-07-16 : Our New Game will be released in autumn ! We are sure that this game (still in dev) will become a hit on PalmOS ! News will come soon...

2003-03-20 : YES ! Goofy's demo release ! Nice demo using oldschool' style : Logo distortion, waving scrolltext, Balls and starfield ! Try it now : Download section

2003-02-25 : A new Demo will be released soon ! Goofy just finished a nice demo (works on all color clies !). Amazing scrolltext and logo, and great starfield !

2003-02-10 : Re-orientation Our action game is reported, due to lack of time. We start another game, easier to do. But we're sure it will be a success ! Sorry no more infos for now

2003-01-03 : Happy New Year ! A very good news for this new year : the TsaBros just grow with a new coder : Goofy. Demomaker on Amstrad CPC, high knowledge in algorithm applied to graphics, his wife had the good idea to offer him a T675c ! I'm sure he will learn quickly about Clie and will play a leading role in our next games/demos.

2002-12-15 : Important project launched We started a action/adventure game. It features hi-res, easy to play, reflexion.

2002-11-26 : DistortedDemo is released !

2002-11-25 : YoYo takes action ! The release of DistortedDemo has been postponed because Yoyo has enough free time for drawing grahics. New logo, new sprites and more interactivity will justify this delay.

2002-11-19 : Ho ho The "Distoted Demo" is over ! Run to projects section

2002-11-04 : Looks great The Distorted Demo needs finalizations before releasing. We learnt lots of things about Clie graphical part ! The demo is 60fps, 256 colors, 320*272 distorted background. Very nice scrolltext too.

2002-10-11 : Not so easy... We have to deal with several difficulties using MQ1100. It takes lot of time to debug our progs because it's not possible to use an emulator. I reset my Clie twenty times a hour !!! For example, when Graphic Engine is writting on vram, if Graphic Controller swaps video buffer then vram becomes locked and the Graphic Engine halts the Clie... Reset !!! But it's very interesting to see MQ1100 drawing in background while DragonBall is drawing too. We have two parallel processes on vram !

2002-10-04 : Good news ! We succeeded in controlling MQ1100 (Clié's graphic engine and controller) without using Sony API, but just with poking registries !
So i started immediatly a demo. It already looks impressive ! I promise that it will run in one VBL (60 fps). You will probably find distorted background, big sprites, scroll texts.
I think it's possible to make rasters due to HBL controller. Lot of things to discover and test.

2002-08-30 : Wintermute and Yoyo have just bought the nice NR70V

2002-06-11 : Our skill game "Climb On" is playable and looks great. A pre-beta (!) is downloadable.

For more informations, have a look at project's section !

A very simple Clie analyser is available on download section. If you are a programmer, it will be usefull for catching key and jog events. An article relates these key and jog catches.


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